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Sports Lighting

Looking for sports lighting?

Sportscapers Construction Inc. is the authorized Dealer for Qualite.  We specialize in providing high-quality energy efficient lights for Athletic Fields throughout Texas.

  • Sports Lighting Systems
  • GreenStar Electronic Ballast Technology
  • Steel and Concrete Lighting Poles, temporary/fixed
  • Pole Mounted Inverter for Emergency Lighting
  • Remote Field Controls and Monitoring Systems
  • Maintenance Diagnostic Systems
  • Qualite Lighting Control Cabinet
Sports Lighting

Whether it’s lighting for tennis court, basketball court, sports hall, residential volleyball court, baseball batting cage, football/softball stadium, athletics track, soccer field, gym, our company has it all covered. Our cost will be honest so don’t worry about the price as such.

We are your go to sports field lighting contractors and suppliers. So whether its outdoor sports lighting or outdoors sports lighting, simply reach out to us.We offer commercial led sports lighting, fixtures, flood lighting bulbs, portable stadium lights, sports play ground lighting poles, landscape lighting, sign lighting, security lights and the rest. We’ll help you end to end with lightings including designing, layout, standard specifications etc. Popular lighting options include Qualite, lithonia, philips, techline, torrence etc. Adequate lighting of a sports arena is essential for the best game experience. It not only enhances the performance of the players but also ensures a visual delight for the spectators.

Benefits of our lighting systems are

Distribution of light

The type of lighting used for sports lighting has changed with advancements in lighting technology. Earlier it was fluorescent bulbs that were used. They were replaced by halides for better lighting. With the development of LED technology, most sports light providers are trending towards LED lighting. The reasons for this being that these bulbs are both energy efficient, and long lasting. They do not degrade the environment also. However, while selecting the LED bulbs, one should be careful not to opt for bulbs that are of poor quality.

Also, the sports’ lighting to be used is dependent on the location (indoor/outdoor) and the nature of the sport. All these factors can lead to confusion while selecting sports lighting. Therefore, whether it is your home sports arena or a professional one, it is recommended to seek the service of a professional lighting company. They can design the lighting according to the sport.

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Sportscapers Construction Inc. is an Athletic Design Firm that specializes in creating and constructing athletic facilities for commercial and residential clients. The leading sports construction company in Houston Texas.

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