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Sport Court

Turn unused space into a revenue producing recreation area. Multi-sport game courts are a safe alternative to concrete and asphalt and are available in a variety of vibrant colors and layouts.

Multi-use indoor and outdoor game courts are now a preferred choice for multi-sports lovers. Sportscapers is a front-runner service provider for designing, building and installing these multi purpose sport court and fields. We can help you with the right dimensions, choose the right facilities and let you decide on most optimum services. And we’ll do it all at the most reasonable costs.

Sport Deck™

The ideal surface for racquet sport players of all abilities. SportDeck™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. It has been the stalwart of outdoor surfaces for nearly two decades and provides excellent ball control and pace of play while reducing joint stress and fatigue with patented Lateral Forgiveness™.

Sport Base™

SportBase™ is a high-performance concrete replacement for your Game Court or outdoor court surface. SportBase is made from 100% recycled material and was specifically engineered for use under a Game Court system. It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Sport Game™

SportGame™ is the advanced athletic surface technology for multi-sport play. The Patent-Pending design produces excellent traction and low abrasion for safe play at an affordable price. The Lateral-Forgiveness™ helps to reduce joint stress and fatigue without sacrificing ball bounce and response.

Acrylic Painted

Acrylic Coating Systems are multi-layer latex based paint systems that establish or restore surface texture, protect underlying asphalt systems from the weather and climatic change, enhance overall playability by establishing play speed and ultimately provide the surface with a vibrant color scheme. A Cushioned surface option combines the same consistency and durability as a typical coating system application but adds layers of rubber particles or “cushion” to absorb shock and reduce the impact on a player’s body. Bright white playing lines are the finishing touch to accentuate the color contrast between the center playing area and the perimeter of the court. Sport Builders installs various types of acrylic coating systems, including Annual Color Coating Systems, Standard Coating Systems and Cushion Coating Systems.


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