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Putting Green

Get ready by adding a backyard putting green by Sportscapers Construction Inc. We can custom design and install a backyard putting green or indoor putting green that will allow you the time you need to “practice for the moment.”

Whether it’s your chipping game or putting that needs improvement, we can build a backyard putting green or indoor putting green that will assist you in lowering your score.

Many synthetic greens can be tweaked to roll faster or slower through manipulation of materials. Various speeds on the Stimpmeter, the device used to measure how far the ball rolls on a flat surface, with the higher the number, the faster the surface.

Want to construct a putting or chipping green in your workplace, garden, garage or any outdoor, contact us. Lets discuss and we can recommend what will work best, astro turf, artificial/synthetic turf, real grass or fake one, grass seeds or simply a practice mat. We will advise you on kits, cups, accessories and other supplies too.

The urge to play Golf is hard to control. If you really want to play golf, and it’s raining outdoors, you may snuggle and think about that last putt you would’ve made. OR, you can install an Indoor putting green, which will ensure whatever the weather is, you won’t have to give up your craving to complete a hole or two.

We at Sportscapers design customer-specific backyard greens and indoor putting greens with the finest quality turf and the perfect finish, so that whenever you want some hours of enjoyment, you get it. Nowadays, various households are matching the pace of indoor swimming pools with in-house family golf greens, also owing to the reason that the amount of maintenance required by the putting turf is very low. More so it’s an all-time fun activity that never gets out of trend. Also, having an indoor/backyard green has proven to increase the value of your property by almost 6%.If you think that getting a synthetic putt installed at your home is a tedious and time-consuming job, think again! Yes if its diy, it can be. Depending upon the complexity and size of the project, most of the residential projects are completed quickly by our expert team. You can contact us anytime if you want to know how long your installations will take place. We will choose the best for you ranging from astro turf, artificial/synthetic turf, real grass or fake one, grass seeds or simply a practice mat!

The size and area of the Putt Green varies according to the requirements. Needless to say, whatever the size of the turf may be, we’ll provide you with a surface that will keep you satisfied for years to come, and yet never compromising with your skills. We even provide the fixing of Stimpmeter, to keep a track of your ball speed. Ball speed is measured by the distance your ball rolls on a flat surface. Higher the number, faster is the surface.

Maintenance of the turf greens is equally important, for leaves and dust gets adhered to the putt surface, decreasing your average ball speed. Routine maintenance should be performed before every 18 months, ensuring that the quality of the turf stays intact. Rolling the green is mandatory to make sure that the putt remains smooth. Meanwhile you can also use a leaf blower to periodically clear the debris from the surface.

Home golf putting green construction popularity has increased in the past years and SportsCapers is ruling the show! A backyard putting green construction project is affordable when you choose an industry leader like Sportscapers.

If you think our putt greens can’t withstand harsh environments, you’re mistaken, for our greens can withstand high levels of heat, as well as incredibly low temperatures, getting you through long summers and incessant winters. All of this has been established via rigorous testing at extreme conditions, ensuring that you never have to complain about your turf gone bad.

Want to play golf at any time? Well! You have the option of Home Putting Greens. Get it installed your backyard or you can choose an outdoor or indoor putting green.

Benefits of installing a putting green

Artificial turf is preferred, let’s look at why it is so,

• It is available in short or high forms.

• It’s easy to maintain.

• Cheaper to lay.

• It can customized, tweaked for slower or faster movement of the ball.

So, if you are a golf enthusiast, you must be wondering how to install a putting green. Don’t worry! There are professional companies capable of creating a golf green you dream about. One of the leading ones is us, Sportscapers.

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