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Lot clearing and grading frees up your property for your next project.

Equipped with the necessary tools, we specialize in efficiently clearing and grading your lot with extensive expertise, ensuring the job is not only completed promptly but also with precision.

Our services encompass top-notch lot clearing and grading in Houston, Texas. It’s essential to review proposals for clearing or grading, and obtaining a permit may be necessary to ensure minimal environmental impact and preservation of existing structures. We’ll guide you through this process, ensuring a successful outcome from the start. Feel free to contact us today to discover more about our services.

Land Grading Houston Texas

Laser Grading During Field Construction

Grading is the process of leveling a land surface to a desired gradient by cutting, filling, and smoothing the soil. In the athletic field construction industry, laser grading establishes surface elevations through the process of moving soil within a given area using a grading mechanism equipped with an automated blade control system. Proper laser grading accomplishes an elevation change from high point to low point and a smooth surface without significant high spots or dips that could impede surface water flow.

Laser grading is recommended for all phases of construction from subgrade to gravel to root zone materials to create the ideal, uniform profile. During field construction, rough grading will take place when the contractor cuts and fills to level the subgrade of the field and establishes the proper compaction level requested by the planning engineer. High areas may need to be excavated, low areas may need to be filled to establish an appropriate grade. Providing the proper subgrade will impact the overall performance of the field.

Laser Grading
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